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facemasks 2020

When Facemasks became a thing…

Facemasks Flashback to 2020:

Oh my goodness, what a crazy 4 weeks! As the outbreak in Melbourne of Covid19 Coronavirus got worse, orders for Facemasks came streaming in and when the call was made on that Sunday afternoon that Masks were becoming compulsory my website went bonkers and I sold out of custom order spots for Facemasks within 2 hours.  The thing is I wasn’t even sure of the quantity of custom spots I had listed on my website as I wasn’t expecting this to happen!

reversible facemasks

So pretty much for a month I was getting up very early in the morning, often at 5am and worked for 12 or more hours just to try to get masks made and out as soon as possible, just to try to help with the strain and anxiety people were feeling.

I was able to get help from one of our friends/neighbour living in our Apartment block, Stephen to help with cutting, ironing and pinning the masks as he is stood down from his job at the moment and going stir crazy with nothing to do. Without him I think I would have fallen in a heap.  So daily I would drop a list and fabrics on his doorstep to help me and at the end of each week I would drop off a goodie bag full of gifts and gratitude!

wearing facemasks


We finally caught up with all orders, although still getting a small amount coming in which is truly amazing – everytime I think the orders have stopped a couple more trickle in – so thank you so much for everyone’s support.  With Markets and Shops closed it means my normal outlet for my Children’s clothing has stopped so I’m very grateful for something else to do to keep me sane during this tragic time.