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Muslin wrap kangaroo

New – Organic Muslin Baby Swaddle Wraps – Luxuriously Soft

Organic bamboo/cotton blend Muslin featuring my exclusive Australiana and Sunflowers illustrations. 👶 Muslin wraps are a fabulous multi-purpose item ideal for swaddling and wrapping babies.

🎁 Perfect for baby showers, newborn baby gifts and Christmas presents 🎄 You can order online now or visit me at market or instore at @incube8r

Features include:
✨ A large 110cm x 110cm in size
✨ Lightweight & breathable
✨ Multi-use – Baby swaddle, lightweight breathable blanket,
✨ pram cover, comforter, nursing shield, change mat.
✨ Certified Organic Cotton
✨ Exclusive illustrations
✨ Machine washable
✨ Made in Melbourne

Tanboocel™ is a premium fibre that’s manufactured by an environmentally friendly patented process using natural and organic bamboo. The cotton blend results in a textile that is creamy soft to touch, lightweight and anti-bacterial which makes it a healthy option for infant wraps and wear. Muslin wrap Composition: 70% cotton, 30% bamboo. Special THANKS to @neridahansenfabrics who my fabrics are printed through 💕

Illustrations commissioned from @freya.illustrates

White band packaging by the gorgeous Aysher @labellane_perth