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Can’t stop, won’t stop 😍 How many is too many 🤣

Can’t stop, won’t stop 🤣 Last week I made myself another Reversible Pinafore dress and of course it’s become my new favourite 😍
I was just sitting here thinking, oh this must be dress number 5 or is it 6 that I’ve made for myself – so off I went to the wardrobe and discovered it’s actually Reversible Pinafore dress number 8  😲  WOW, that means I have 16 different outfits and I love them all!
Can’t stop, won’t stop – which exclusive fabric print will I choose next for myself 😄
You can also fall in love with the super comfortable, versatile, year-round wear, Reversible pinafore with the BIG pockets – and best of all you get to choose 2 of my exclusive fabric prints.
Custom order on my website and I will make especially for you. Or you can try them on at in.cube8r pop up shop in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre.